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Top-3 Challenges of Salesforce Implementation for Finance Industry

Top-3 Challenges of Salesforce Implementation for Finance Industry

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM tools to create highly customized experiences for both users and customers. Finance organizations can benefit from Salesforce CRM by procuring the most relevant information at the appropriate time. With the help of Salesforce Financial Services, you can devise personalized communication across channels for more significant exchanges of customer interactions. 

Salesforce CRM provides you a comprehensive 360-degree customer view at will, so that you can forge a rewarding relationship with customers. Salesforce Financial Services can help banks or financial institutions create personalized experiences that boost customer trust and loyalty. 

Salesforce provides many intricate features that make the implementation process challenging. That is why it is vital to focus on these challenges as soon as it emerges to enjoy the total benefits the application offers. 

In this blog, we discuss three of the most common Salesforce implementation challenges that the Financial Services industry encounters, so that you can be forewarned and plan your implementation process accordingly.

Top-3 Challenges facing salesforce implementation for Financial Industry

  • Change Management
  • Continuous Digital Experiences
  • Scalability 

Change Management

Akin to any other industry, the Financial Services industry employs a wide range of tech stacks and a significant part of it is Salesforce. These applications are regularly updated, sometimes with small bug fixes and sometimes with a big overhaul in the app itself. Irrespective of the size, organizations must be ever prepared to implement them to flourish and remain competitive. Although employees too must be ready to embrace the change, it is primarily the responsibility of the management to provide training to embrace the change. 

Every organization implementing Salesforce must ask themselves these questions: 

  • Are the employees ready for change? What if they are not? 
  • How can you train your employees on the new application within the least time? 
  • How to ensure the employees are adapted to the Salesforce feature updates?
  • When is the appropriate time for change? 
  • What is the long-term plan? 
  • How can the change resistance of employees be overcome? 

The historical stats on change management are appalling and indicate that about 70% of your efforts to change do not meet the target.

Salesforce implementation in your organization requires a robust plan and your employees must be prepared to embrace the change. A multitude of tools in the market foster employee involvement and reduce change resistance of employees. 

Financial Service organizations can leverage the services of Blue5Green to overcome Salesforce implementation challenges and ensure smooth adoption of Salesforce.

Continuous Digital Experiences

In the modern digital world, customers wish to have an uninterrupted digital experience. The objective for the financial industry is to offer a world-class experience to the customer. It is important to understand what your customers want and provide it to them at the appropriate time to win their trust and loyalty. Salesforce provides organizations with comprehensive information but it still up to the employees to actualize it. 

When entering data into Salesforce, employees should be attentive. Even a small typo or mistake can make the customer profile ineffective, and it is quite difficult to detect the error. Organizations can meet the needs and expectations of customers only if the data is accurate. Data accuracy must be ensured through adequate data validation measures. 

Financial Service organizations should identify a method to ensure data accuracy and employee involvement, particularly in the remote work culture, as it is challenging to manage. Ensuring process compliance and data accuracy with Salesforce users is difficult to accomplish. Data accuracy can be ensured by having a definite strategy and plan to overcome the Salesforce implementation challenges and investing in a tool that can empower you. 


Financial Service organizations keep adding a greater number of agents, customers, etc., as they must rapidly scale the organization to ensure its growth. Engaging and training the new employees, making them understand Salesforce from scratch, and ensuring efficient usage of Salesforce are laborious. Erroneous training can wreck employee productivity, imperil tech ROI, and thwart organizational growth. 

Salesforce application is scalable and enables you to meet constant customer demands. Moreover, Salesforce architecture allows you to add application servers with ease to include the increased number of users. Salesforce service is scalable, but with a few drawbacks: you cannot identify employee bottlenecks, personalize the content, offer guidance when they are stranded, and so on. 

Salesforce scalability is vital to understand where changes can be made to make the product better for your employees. Proper analytics of Salesforce discloses the kind of challenges users encounter and when they need assistance, but the standard CRM tool does not offer such features. Taking advantage of a supplementary tool can help you in Salesforce scalability. 

Thus, financial service organizations should be cognizant of these top-3 challenges in Salesforce implementation. 

If you are looking for Salesforce implementation for Financial Service organizations, then Blue5Green is your best choice. 

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