Are you looking to streamline your Salesforce DevOps?

We help clients to be successful in their DevOps journey by creating ‘integrated experiences’ for every persona/ team member. We also focus on the ‘Culture’ aspect of the DevOps strategy by working with the teams and incorporating change management and training.

DevOps As-A-Service

Blueprint/ Architecture

Maturity Model Assessment, Roadmap for DevOps (ALM, CICD pipelines, Quality Gates, Automations, Metrics, Governance)

Best Practices And Change Management

Team trainings for best practices and persona-based playbooks

End-to-end Implementation

Configure the tools, setup the CICD pipeline and Custom development

Cost Effective Models

Global teams , certified expert DevOps Architects and Developers.

We follow a step-by-step approach for DevOps customer success

We at Blue5Green have a dedicated practice for Salesforce DevOps implementation. Our CoE team has worked on some of the most challenging and complex Salesforce DevOps implementations. We have helped clients streamline their DevOps process, which has helped in bringing huge efficiencies and cost savings. We tailor the DevOps strategy based on the clients current DevOps maturity level ; we strategize and prioritize your DevOps goals. Here is our step-by-step approach at a high level.


DevOps Implementation

  • Setup the end-to-end DevOps environments
  • Setup Version control and PMO tools
  • Custom development to bridge any tool limitations for a seamless CICD integrated experience
  • SSO configuration for Salesforce ecosystem
  • Create Persona based playbooks
  • Change Management and training - Training all stakeholders including the Dev, BA, QA,
  • SME and IT management on the DevOps process
  • Customer success for DevOps implementation
And more

Blueprint and Architecture

  • Assessment of current maturity model
  • Tooling recommendations for integrated DevOps
  • Version control and Backup strategy
  • Agile strategy and recommendations
  • Deployment pipelines
  • CI/CD architecture, design and strategy
  • Environment Architecture
  • Branching strategy
  • Release management strategy and
  • Release calendar
  • Roll back strategy
  • DevOps success metrics
  • SSO enablement tool for all environments
  • Path to DX and packaging strategy
  • DevOps Change management and training
And more

Release Management As-A-Service

End-to-end Release Management
Org Governance And Versioning
Team Collaboration And Communication
Change Management, On-going Team Training
Adoption Metric And Feedback
Cost Effective: Onsite/ Onshore Teams
  • Sandbox management
    • Creation
    • Refresh
    • Team co-ordination
    • Post refresh activities
    • Test data
    • Maintaining metadata backups
  • Deployment pipeline management
  • Back Merging
  • Salesforce access management
  • Data loads
  • Maintaining Release calendar
And More

1-Hour Complimentary Consultation

To discuss your specific Salesforce Implementation or DevOps needs.

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