“With Our extremely talented development teams and technical architects we offer custom Salesforce development, and also design and implement enterprise Salesforce solutions by helping you solve complex technical design issues to your existing Salesforce infrastructure. We also offer Quality assurance, change and project management and administration (configuration, release management and maintenance) with our team of experts. “

Our Core Salesforce Strengths




To discuss your specific application or technology integration requirements

Custom Development

With our extremely talented development teams we blend traditional Salesforce services with the latest and greatest Salesforce capabilities to give our customers the value add. We have very strong expertise is custom Salesforce development, we have built powerful homegrown custom framework dynamic components that we leverage in our development process.


We have expertise designing integration architectures, building hooks across cloud applications and legacy on-premise business applications. We identify your business needs, then we work across your current infrastructure or make technology recommendations based on your unique requirements. By integrating such discrete applications we are able to give our customers a unified 360 degree of their data, which helps in their business decisions.

Technical Architecture & Solutions Design

Our group of technical architects help our customers solve their complex technical design issues. We work closely with your IT and business teams to architect, design and implement enterprise Salesforce solutions. We also help our customers by recommending different solution approaches on Salesforce.com platform to build the most cost effective solutions. We recommend the best ratio of the out-of-the-box solutions vs custom development for your business needs.

Administration, Configuration, Release Management & Maintenance

We provide full or partial support to your Salesforce infrastructure performing all common administrative tasks including
• Upgrades/updates, user management, new user profiles and page layouts
• Create reports, dashboards, workflows, approval processes, and automation rules
• Create org-wide hierarchies and queues within the system for automation processes as well as org-wide security purposes
• Data quality management
• Implementing best practices for org-wide security
• We help in setting up DevOps and CI for a seamless release management
• 24/7 support with our nearshore-offshore model

Quality Assurance

We provide comprehensive testing solutions for your Salesforce applications. Our QA teams construct test plans for your Salesforce applications, based upon requirements provided by the business analysts and product owners. They also collaborate with the technology teams and take ownership of successful UAT with business stakeholders. QA teams use a data-driven approach, create automated tests using Apex, SOQL, backend services/APIs and the User Interface.

Project Management & Governance

Unlike traditional project management and governance, our approach ensures organizations secure lasting business value from their investment. We design a flexible execution framework that drives prioritization, creates alignment across IT and the business and promotes quality and scale for future releases.

Change Management and Training

Our approach to change management aligns your business goals with end-user needs. We work closely with your employees to understand their dynamics, then design solutions that will directly impact your users for change management. Our dynamic approach combines classroom and eLearning to ensure your Salesforce platform improves employee effectiveness and business performance with application adoption.